What we don’t do

Whilst we always emphasise what we can do, it’s also important to be really clear about the things that we don’t do:


AssessmentCapacity or risk assessments – these must be done by the people who know the person supported best, such as a support manager, social worker or support worker.



Debt management – we can support people who are in debt to help them get control over their finances, but we are not a debt management agency and cannot control people’s spending.



decideMaking decisions for people – advocacy is about making sure people have their voices heard, not making decisions on their behalf. Dosh will only check how decisions are made, not whether we think they’re right.



Checking day-to-day spending – Dosh are not responsible for helping you with your personal spending money, including withdrawing cash, spending in shops, keeping receipts or checking spending records.



BillsManaging utilities – we cannot manage your bills or guarantee you will be on the best rate, but we will pay bills.