Money checks

If you only want support with your money as a one-off we can do a money check. This might be to help with a particular issue or just to check that you are on the right benefits and are managing your money well.

What does this include?

We can do a money check to review your money. This means we would:
  • Ask you and your circle of support some questions about your money
  • Look at records and information about your benefits, bills, budget and how you spend your money
  • Write a report for you with suggestions about what you could do to get on the right benefits, keep your money safe and have more control over your money
We can also do a money check if something has gone wrong or is confusing you with your money or benefits. For example, we can help if:
  • You want to appeal a decision that has been made about your benefits, such as if you have been found ‘Fit for work’
  • You have been asked to pay a contribution to your care and you cannot afford it
  • You have received a letter about applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or another benefit and you are not sure what to do


Who is this for?

We can do a money check for any adult with a learning disability. This might be right for you if you are happy managing your own money but want someone to check it over for you. This is also good for families and care providers who are appointees and want some extra expertise around benefits.  We can do a one-off check to make sure you are on the right track.

How much does it cost?

A money check costs £125 + VAT (£150 in total). Some people pay for this from their own benefit money and some support providers or Local Authorities pay for it for people they support. If you are worried about the cost, please contact us.

How can I find out more?

You can download our Dosh Money Check Guide or contact us to ask questions. You can also view our store on Shop4Support.

This is what I want! How do I make a referral?

Contact us to discuss the support and request a referral form. We welcome referrals from people with a learning disability, their families, support providers, social workers and others.

I am not sure. What other support do you offer?

If you want more regular support with your money, try our financial advocacy and appointeeship support instead.

If you are still unsure, we would also be happy to speak to you about your individual needs; please get in touch.