The 8 Pillars of Trust






1. Character 

For Dosh this means doing what is right over what is easy, and each team member has this characteristic; staying true to our values, doing what is right. There are often occasions when colleagues are up against it and the situations can feel insurmountable. It is always at this point they find the energy and determination to persevere in-order to get the best outcome for the people they support.


2. Compassion

All team members think beyond themselves when they consider their work and how they will support people and their colleagues. They care! Our team members write stories for our Board of Directors (and we share them on our website) about how they have made a difference in another person’s life through their work.


3. Clarity

We are clear about what our mission is: “to support people to be more independent and have more control over their money” and we share our ‘Dosh Promise’. A set of standards by people with learning a learning disability (which we are assessed on by the people we support as part of our Annual Review). People know what is included in our service and we detail this in our Information Guide and on our website. We are clear about the benefits of our support and service to people with a learning disability.


4. Consistency

Dosh work to a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) which our team members regularly report on and which our Board of Directors monitor and evaluate. These KPIs are based on what people we support think are important to them. Working in this way ensures we consistently support people across the country to deliver the same service.


5. Competency

You will not be surprised to read that supporting people with welfare benefits is complex. Government changes are fluid and if we are to support people to maximise their money it is important our team members are not just recruited for their values and positive attitudes, but are competent.

Our Financial Advocates often come from a Banking and or Benefits background. They take their continued professional development seriously: staying fresh, relevant and capable. They know how to share their learning with those they support.


6. Contribution

To build trust you need to contribute and our team members’ contributions are their results for the people they support:

During our Annual Reviews, the people we support said they were happy with Dosh Support and told us they can choose how they spend their money to do the things they want.


7. Connection

We prioritise building trust with the people and communities we work with. We devote time to building relationships which we hope will last for many years. We do this by becoming part of a person’s circle of support (their network) and we speak up for people when they can not speak for themselves.

We also seek out collaborations with other organisations.


8. Commitment

Our team members have a selfless commitment to the people they support; standing with them through adversity. They care about what is really needed and as a company we find ways to measure this through our Annual Reviews.