Deputyship / Guardianship

Dosh are not able to provide deputyship or guardianship for people. We have provided information below to help you decide what is best for you.

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This is for an adult with a learning disability who lacks capacity to make decisions in other areas of money, like buying a house or managing other income, and needs to make regular decisions about these. If you only have benefit income then appointeeship is enough. If you need to make a one-off extra decision then you can apply for a one-off decision from the courts instead. We are happy to discuss with you which is the right type of support for your situation – please contact us.


Most people can get the support they need with money through appointeeship and financial advocacy. Some people need to make bigger decisions about different types of money, like a house, salary or pension, now and in the future.

If they lack capacity to make these decisions, then they may need someone to apply to the court to do this for them long-term. This person is called a Deputy in England and Wales and a Guardian in Scotland. They can then make decisions for someone about all property and affairs (money).



Most people do not need a Guardian or Deputy as they can get enough support through appointeeship and one-off decisions from the courts.