Dosh’s 10 Commitments

Dosh 10 Commitments for 2023/24

We make ‘commitments’ because we are committed to doing what we say we will do. (we are not in the business of ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’)

We ‘Endeavour to show real intent, to see things through to the end because ‘trying’ doesn’t cut it for Dosh.



1. Social Impact 


Empowering People to lead fuller lives and reaching their full potential

We will: develop our own impact management project to review and develop the positive impact we can have

We will.  Understand the relationship between actions, impact, and outcomes through data and information we gather

We will: fully align our social impact management and reporting with Thera Trust

We will: report on how we are doing through the Dosh Annual Review and the Thera Group Social Impact Framework

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
Improve financial wellbeing Enabling people to have choice and control over their money The value of our approach and the exclusion people face around money. What we are doing to tackle this e.g., around benefits, banking, spending decisions and planning.


2. Project 2000


To encapsulate this strategic direction Dosh will launch ‘Project 2000’ to get Dosh ready to support 2000+

In 2023/24  we will meet our objectives set out in the Project Implement Document for Project 2000.

Goal Detail of goal What will success look like
New banking initiatives and products by 31Jan 24 Banking Products e.g pre-paid cards

Upgrades on internet banking

People we support who have benefited from these initiatives and products tell us how this has benefitted them




3. Access to Money and Money Awareness Training



Promoting better access to money for the people we support and those who support them

We will look to create better access to spending money and cards for people we support who may not have capacity for banking/spending and inclusion in digital and online payments and spending.

We will carry out research into banking products which will empower the people we support to have quick and more responsive access to their money when they need it.

We will plan and deliver workshops for support staff

We will plan and deliver workshops for people with a learning disability from the third quarter of 23/24

Goal Detail of goal What will success look like
deliver workshops to empower people with a learning disability, families and professionals Money Awareness Workshops for both people with a learning disability and social care professionals We will have delivered at least four workshops in 22/24




4. Communication



How we communicate with our stakeholders, people we support, families and those who are interested in supporting people with their money.

With clearer/smarter data and information management we will find the best method, style, and media to connect with people.

We will continue to develop our marketing and social media offer

Goal Detail of goal What will success look like
To broaden our reach through social media, podcasts and our website We will launch a Youtube Channel and enhance our current media, so it is even more accessible People have interacted with our new Youtube channel

We will have made at least one film

We will have been interviewed for at least one podcast

We will have written at least 3 blog posts/articles

We will have been interviewed for at least one social care magazine


5. Wellbeing


Supporting staff wellbeing, diversity and engagement

We believe our employee wellbeing can directly improve the mental and physical health of the workforce, with general health being linked to increased levels of productivity, performance and retention and reduced absence.  During this business year we will celebrate diversity, ensure wellness & wellbeing and active engagement with our colleagues.   

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
To complete two staff surveys We will do a staff survey on wellbeing every six months We will have completed the surveys and acted on the results



6. Risk Management – for people we support and our company



Making smart business decisions and being well managed

We will develop our business and management policies and operational processes including when someone is no longer supported or passes away, how we deal with complaints and how we report our performance. This will give clear oversight so that we make conscious, clearly recorded decisions.

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
Reviewed and Updated our Risk Assessments and Incident Reports Working with our H&S Manager we will customise the assessments and report, so they are relevant and applicable to the way Dosh support people New Risk Assessments and Incident Reports are developed and published during 23/24


7. Leadership & Management



We will: continue to build self-leadership and self-organising teams to enable dynamic and flexible leadership, growth, and development.

We will: develop the Dosh board and management team, ensuring we have a succession plan for our directors

All of our team members are involved in communications and connections with colleagues, stakeholders, commissioners, families, and the people we support, and we consider each one of them to be a Leader.

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
We will consider what makes a good Dosh Financial Advocate and a Board Member We will review the role of Financial Advocate and Board Member We will have shared our findings with the Team and Board.

We will have also developed diversity within both our Team and Board



8. Quality Assurance & Control


Knowing we are doing a good job and ensuring consistency and quality as we grow

We will: review our quality strategy and introduce specific roles in the team to take a lead on managing and developing quality across Dosh.

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
We look to develop a joint project with the Quality Company  which will involve co-production We will work towards involving people we support in the development of our service and support Our project will have successfully moved to day-to-day work



9. Finance – Quality and Affordability


We will continue to exercise caution and control over our Budget and Budgetary management during 2022-23 

We will continue to review how we monitor, evaluate and report on our management accounts, so that we become financially stronger and more sustainable.  Dosh will also consider Growth and Consolidation (in specific areas and regions of Great Britain) during this business cycle.

We will: look at ways of making our support and services affordable for the people we support while catering for peoples unique and specialised needs

We will: speak up for people’s right to access services, particularly banking and finance, and work with the industry to make that happen

Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
To maintain our control over ‘pay’ vs income’ To support and reinforce our capacity and growth group Year to Date forecast will evidence pay and income at least off-set each other.



10. Thera Trust support


We will add value to Thera Trust

We will: support Thera Group with learning and development, new projects, research, and workshops

This will include:

  • Research and pilot projects
  • Impact management
  • Social media
  • Membership of committees and communication groups
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Input into policies & procedures
  • Supporting ‘Open Innovation’ and collaboration across the Group
Goal Detail of goal What will Success look like
To be the preferred choice for new Thera initiatives/products/systems To support our Central Services Department with projects they are working on We will have been the first to introduce/use a new Thera product