Mark’s Story

Earlier in the year, Mark expressed that wanted to replace his trike and discussed the idea with his Dosh Financial Advocate who suggested he visit a supplier for a suitable Trike to get some prices.

Whilst shopping around it became clear that he would not be able to fund this solely on his own, but over the year Mark managed to save just over half the amount by following the budget he had agreed with Dosh to give him some savings so he would have more choices.

Mark and Dosh also looked around for additional funding and following further discussions we put together a grant application to his care and support provider for financial assistance.

Before putting in the application, Mark and Dosh discussed this with everyone involved so we all knew what we needed to do to achieve his goal.

Mark then came up with the idea that he could use his new trike to do a sponsored bike ride and raise the funds to repay the grant.  We added this proposal to the grant application, what an excellent idea!

Success! The grants team loved the idea of paying it forward and agreed to give Mark the funds he needed, so the trike was ordered and payment was arranged.

Now as you can see Mark is off and enjoying life on the road!