Account management

Dosh can support you to manage your care and support funding. This includes many types of self-directed support, for example personal budgets, individual budgets, direct payments and personal health budgets.

Self-directed support is the money your Local Authority or another funding group like the NHS gives you to buy your support. As account managers for this money, we will open a managed account for the money, pay for your support and report to the Local Authority or other funding body on the spending.

What does this include?

Account management means we will do these things:
  • Open a Dosh managed bank account for your budget
  • Receive payments from the Local Authority or other funding body
  • Pay invoices for your support based on your budget plan
  • Record all spending from your budget
  • Report to the Local Authority or other funding body on how the budget has been used
We are also developing new ways to involve you more in your budget, including:
  • Easy Read statements from your budget
  • An annual review of your spending


who icon Who is this for?

We can provide account management for any adult with a learning disability that has some form of self-directed support (for example a direct payment). This works well for people who want to choose their own support but are worried about managing the money. We can also do this for families and care providers who want support around account management.

We can also provide account management for people who lack capacity to choose a direct payment.

cost icon How much does it cost?

Most people have the cost of this included in their budget. It is £5.13 + VAT (£6.16 total) per week.  If you want to discuss the cost, please contact us.

information icon How can I find out more?

Contact us if you have any questions. You can also view our store on Shop4Support.

I want icon This is what I want! How do I make a referral?

If you would like us to provide account management, or you have any questions about it, please contact us to discuss and make a referral. You can refer yourself to us, or we can accept referrals from your family, support team, Local Authority or others.

unsure icon I am not sure. What other support do you offer?

If you do not think you want account management, you can read about our other support options to find something else. We would also be happy to speak to you about your individual needs; please get in touch.







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