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We want to enable more people with a learning disability and their families and supporters to be independent and in control of their money. We do research, projects and development work to help more people learn about money. This section of the website tells you more about some of these projects and gives you lots of free information and resources to help you manage your money.





budgetCare and support funding
Find out how you can get funding for your care and support and learn about different types of budgets like direct payments and Individual Service Funds (ISFs).


bankAccess to banking
You can learn about access to banking for people with a learning disability. We have written a report and guide which tell you about some of the main problems people face and how you can get support with banking yourself.


familyFamily carers managing money
We wrote a series of factsheets for family carers who are managing a relative’s money. They include information on benefits, appointeeship and planning for the future. We answer questions like ‘where does the money come from?’ and ‘how much can I have in savings?’.



easy readWhat the words mean
If you do not understand any of the words on this website, or any other words about money, you can use this Easy Read list to find out what they mean.



informationMore links and resources
We’ve put together a list of lots of other resources and helpful websites around money.

If you have any other questions about money, or would like to learn about something to do with money, you can also look at our training and workshops, or contact us to ask specific questions. We are always looking for new projects and ideas!

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