Dosh support for managing your money during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have put together some information on how your support from Dosh will operate during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the UK and what we can do to help you buy the things you need.


Update 26/10/2020: We are gradually resuming some in person visits to people we support, where necessary. To do this safely, we are following strict risk assessment and review processes to ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible at this time.  We are restricting the number of visits we complete for now, so please bear with us while we make bookings as it may take some time before we can arrange to visit you. If you would like to request an in person visit, please speak to your Financial Advocate first.

Our aim continues to be to provide the best financial advocacy we can to each individual. We know for some people this is hard when we are not there in person, so we will prioritise those people to visit. If you are happy to stay with virtual visits for now, we can continue to do Money Plan reviews via phone and video call. If you need help accessing these, please let us know.


Dosh Advocates and office staff will continue to work and support you as best we can:

  • Your regular payments will go in and out of your Dosh account as usual
  • We are cancelling most in person visits and meetings
  • Please contact your Advocate by phone / email
  • Please request any extra transfers or online orders through your Advocate

We have some guides which you can download and we have summarised the main information below.





Options for getting cash and banking access

Speak to your bank and your Dosh Financial Advocate if you are worried about how you will access money at this time.

Some options you could consider are:

  • Request a debit card with contactless for your current personal account
  • Give others limited access to your account e.g. through an authorisation letter, or third party mandate. Speak to your bank about how to do this.
  • Look at a new account/card online e.g. prepaid card (Money Saving Expert guide here) or basic bank account (Money Saving Expert guide here)
  • Speak to your support provider about getting a cash advance, or company credit card
  • Use Dosh open credit (speak to your Advocate about this)
  • Ask Dosh Finance to make payments online e.g. for supermarket shopping and other delivery companies, or buy shop gift cards.

If you have any concerns about managing money at this time, please contact us.

For guidance from other Thera Group companies and more general resources on Coronavirus, please visit the Thera website.