Equality and diversity

We believe in equality and want to help create a society where people with a learning disability are treated equally. We think that an important part of being treated equally is having independence and control over your money.

 “Good support with money means helping people to live the life they choose.”

We know that acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of the people we support is a really important part of achieving equality. Everyone Dosh supports has a learning disability, but their diverse life experiences, beliefs and values shape what is important to them and how they want to be supported with their money.

Our advocates want to make sure we are getting our support right for each person as an individual. This means thinking about all the different things that make the person who they are, including:


Their beliefs and values – this could be religious beliefs, personal values or likes and dislikes.

For example, religion could have an impact on how someone uses their money if they are going to be spending more at religious festivals or giving to charity as part of their faith.


“Dosh’s Financial Profile helps us to start getting to know the people we support. We ask about lots of things, including likes and dislikes, religious holidays and festivals, and goals for the future. It really helps us to understand the things that are important to the people we support.”


The people who are important to them – whether this is family, friends or a romantic partner.

We understand that everyone has different relationships which are important to them. We work together with the person and whoever they choose as part of their life and we will always respect people’s rights.


“Dosh uses Best Interest Decisions and Supported Decision-Making to help people make choices and achieve their goals. We make sure that all the important people in the person’s life are involved in supporting them with significant decisions.”

The community they grew up in – which may have shaped someone’s cultural and social background

Our life experiences and culture shapes how we see the world and has an impact on the choices we make, including with our money. For example, some people we support grew up in institutions whilst others lived with their families. Both of these things can shape how people want to be supported with their money.


“Dosh Financial Advocates always ask how they can make someone feel comfortable and happy during their visits. We would never make assumptions about how someone might think or feel, but we will ask the right questions to understand the support people want from us.”

We think that to be truly person-centred you need to be aware of and celebrate diversity in all its forms. These are just some examples of how Diversity Awareness is embedded in how we work, but we are always seeking to learn and improve the support we offer.

If you’d like to discuss any of this, or you’d like to learn more about how Dosh can support you, then please get in touch.

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