Deputyship / guardianship

Most people can get the support they need with money through appointeeship and financial advocacy. Some people need to make bigger decisions about different types of money, like a house, salary or pension, now and in the future.

If they lack capacity to make these decisions, then they may need someone to apply to the court to do this for them long-term. This person is called a Deputy in England and Wales and a Guardian in Scotland. They can then make decisions for someone about all property and affairs (money).

Most people do not need a Guardian or Deputy as they can get enough support through appointeeship and one-off decisions from the courts. In exceptional circumstances, if you do need a Deputy or Guardian, Dosh can do this for you. We believe in giving people as much control as possible over their money, so we will only be your Guardian or Deputy if this is right for you and there are no other options.

 DeputyWhat does this include?

If we are your Deputy of Guardian, you will have your own financial advocate who will create a bespoke package of support for your needs. This could include support with banking, tenancy agreements, savings, property and other income.


Who is this for?

This is for an adult with a learning disability who lacks capacity to make decisions in other areas of money, like buying a house or managing other income, and needs to make regular decisions about these. If you only have benefit income then appointeeship is enough. If you need to make a one-off extra decision then you can apply for a one-off decision from the courts instead. We are happy to discuss with you which is the right type of support for your situation – please contact us.

How much does it cost?

The fees Dosh charges are set by the court and depend on your situation. The court will also charge some fees itself, but you may get a discount or exemption depending on your benefits and savings. Please contact us to discuss these costs in more detail.

How can I find out more?

Please contact us with any questions and to discuss what support you need. You can read about Deputyship on the website or have a look at the Public Guardian (Scotland) website for Guardianship information.

This is what I want! How do I make a referral?

If you would like us to be your Deputy or Guardian, or you have any questions about this, please contact us to discuss. We welcome enquiries from individuals, families, support teams, Local Authorities and others.

I am not sure. What other support do you offer?

If you only have benefit income, then have a look at our person-centred appointeeship. If you want a different type of support, you can read about our other support options to find something else.







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