Dosh report: access to banking

for people with a learning disability

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About Dosh

moneyDosh is a not for profit company that supports people with a learning disability to have more control and be more independent with their money.

Why we wrote this report and guide

problemsWe felt it was important to share the experiences of people with a learning disability supported by Dosh and the problems they encounter when trying to set up a bank account and manage their money. 

guideThe guide is one of the recommendations from the report. We wanted to write the guide to help people understand the way banks work and deal with problems when they occur.

Summary of the guide

guideThe guide includes information on what banks should be doing, how to get support and how to deal with problems. It also includes an introduction to banking laws, the Equality Act and Mental Capacity Act.

helpAs well as the main guide, there is a short help sheet that you can take with you when visiting a bank. It will remind you about what to say and what to ask for when you are in the bank.

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Summary of the report and findings

explainMeike Beckford is a Named Financial Advocate at Dosh and is the author of the Dosh banking report and guide. In the video below, Meike explains the findings of the report and suggested solutions.

Read the report

readYou can read the report by clicking on one of the links below:

contactIf you require the report in an alternative format such as a paper copy, please send us a message.

Get involved

togetherDosh is committed to working with banks and other organisations to improve financial inclusion for all. We want to work together and encourage people to get involved in helping us to make sure everyone has access to banking.

partnershipWe have already started working with the British Bankers’ Association, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and the Financial Conduct Authority to develop joint solutions and we look forward to working with other organisations soon.

questionsIf you would like to work with Dosh or have any questions about the report please send us a message or call us on 0300 303 1288.

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